Welcome to Piaggio Zip Lover - Zip Open Community
1. No organization
2. No leader
3. No caretaker
4. No stakeholder
5. No founder
6. No shit
7. Just be yourself, to speak & share your thoughts in Zip Open Community
8. Feel free to join
9. Feel free to leave
10. Support Indonesian and International Section
11. The features site will include "share articles, tips, trick, ask and answer the questions etc"
12. This site is only US$ 3 cost, it will be easy deleted if you dont like this page (I hope not) :-)

Wish a best moment to have a Piaggio Zip, The World Legendary Scooter

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Zip Owner Group Facebook
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Kaskus ZOG Indonesia Group
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The First Piaggio Zip Facebook Fans Page
Forum Discussion, soon..? (I think is NOT necessary, too many shit around there. Let it free)

Free to Speak & Open Comments..

This is not Piaggio Official Site! This is only Piaggio Zip Lover, Community Site!
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